Painted Tree

Swim & Racquet Association

Last updated on: December 16, 2017

Your Association Dues & Bylaws

Dues and BylawsEach year, homeowners in Terrabrook and Stoneybrook receive an invoice from the homeowner’s association management for upcoming annual dues.  Why do you get this invoice?  And what are the bylaws that homeowners are held to?

Painted Tree dues and bylaws serve to protect and maintain community property for the entire neighborhood and ensure homeowner rights and responsibilities. The neighborhood homeowner’s association (HOA) uses the annual dues collected from homeowners to protect and maintain the community property for the entire neighborhood.   This includes the neighborhood entryways, pool, tennis courts and all common areas.

The yearly dues schedule was established through the Constitution and Bylaws of the Painted Tree Swim & Racquet Association to fund the maintenance and protection of the property and its value.  The HOA, comprised of volunteer neighborhood homeowners, annually elects board members.   These board members volunteer their time and efforts for the betterment of the neighborhood.